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You general concerns about spa ownership, answered

Owning a spa is an enviable position for many homeowners in Australia. As property sizes get smaller, and we all look to capitalise on the space we have, spa ownership allows homeowners to experience luxury, without a full-sized pool.

However, owning a spa for the first time can be unfamiliar territory. At Oasis Spas, we want to help you understand what it’s like to own a spa, and address some common myths and misconceptions that we hear from new prospective owners.

In this piece, we address some of the main questions posed to us about spa ownership. For more information about our spa models, visit our website, or get in touch with our friendly staff.

Aren’t spas expensive to run?

How much your spa costs to run will depend on many things, including:

  • • The amount of insulation of your spa (how many layers and how thick they are)
  • • If the spa has a sealed base
  • • If the spa uses a low-cost filtration pump
  • • If the spa has a Spa Net “smart controller”
  • • The size of the gap between the cabinet panels and spa shell
  • • The size of the heater (the quicker the spa heats, the sooner the pump turns off)
  • • If you are able to use a gas heater or heat pump (which offers savings of up to 75%)

When choosing a spa, it’s best to not rely on the manufacturer’s cost estimates, which can be misleading. Instead, get in touch with our team for balanced, accurate advice.

Are energy star ratings legitimate?

When it comes to spas, no. No government body has ever given efficiency ratings to individual spa brands. Where you see star ratings on a spa, you’ll know that they are simply being invented by the manufacturer. Be wary of these traps.

Can I sterilise water with UV light?

This form of water treatment is only successful when a very large UV light bulb is used,  and when the water has enough contact time with the UV bulb. The bulb needs to be a minimum of 16 watts to be effective.

The standard UV system with a chrome/stainless metal tube is only designed for water flow from a tap and will not kill germs. Plus, as an owner, you will need to replace the UV bulb annually at a significant cost.

Unless you fit a large, more expensive system like Ultrazone unit that combines UV and Ozone to create hydroxyl radicals, then don’t expect any health benefits — only higher maintenance costs.

Are saltwater spas better for sterilisation?

sterilising your spaSalt can only be used to sanitise water when it is transformed by a salt chlorinator into chlorine. However, this form of chlorine does not suit hot water. You will also have to add extra chlorine or bromine.

This basic form of chlorine created by salt chlorinators is very corrosive and will damage your heater element. Be wary of “chlorine-free” saltwater spas — they often lead to significant replacement and servicing costs as the years go by.

Should I get backlit jets?

While they look good in the showroom, in most cases you won’t see these lights as people will be sitting against them. Also, these clear plastic jets break more easily. If water quality is not maintained, the lights can become opaque and unsightly.

As the LED lights can also be hard to replace when they fail, we would suggest other forms of in-spa lighting. For in-spa lighting suggestions, visit one of our locations, or give our friendly customer service line a ring.

Where can I go for expert advice?

That’s easy. Oasis Spas is here to help you get the best out of owning a brand new spa. We stock a superior range of products, all without the misleading marketing spin, or useless bells and whistles that our competitors love.

We want to help you choose the best spa for your home, and help you get the most use out of it, while ensuring that running costs are kept down. You can experience our supreme collection of spas for yourself by visiting one of our showrooms.

If you’re in the market for a new spa, look no further than Oasis Spas. Our expert advice and excellent range of products will help you relax, knowing that you’ve made the right choice.

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