In-Ground Spas vs. Above-Ground Spas | Spa Store Tips
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What are the main differences between inground spas and above ground spas?

There are many different kinds of outdoor spa baths, ranging in size from the cozy to the enormous. But, fundamentally, hot tubs can be divided into two categories:

  1. Above ground, factory made, portable spas
  2. Non-portable, in ground, and custom built spas

The two kinds of outdoor hot tubs are very different in terms of their practicability, reliability, usefulness, and cost. If you pick the wrong one for your home, you’ll quickly find yourself in hot water—and not in the way you’d like!

To help you navigate this turbulent topic, we’ve put together the following guide comparing and contrasting outdoor inground spas and above ground spas.

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In ground vs. above ground spas: which is more affordable?

in ground spas at homeAn above-ground spa usually costs less than an inground spa. To begin with, there are the construction and installation costs:

  • With an above-ground hot tub, there will be a set fee for purchase. This is very unlikely to change, since the spa installation is so straightforward.
  • With an in ground hot tub, you’re at the mercy of your contractor. Construction costs have been known to blow out even on the most straightforward jobs. Additionally, you might face setbacks if there are any hidden hazards lurking underground at your property.

Then, there are the running costs to think of. Although the power bill will be different depending on how, and how often, you use it, an above-ground model will be cheaper to run with all other things being equal.

Which type of outdoor spa is more reliable?

in ground spasBecause of the customised nature of an in ground hot tub, it will only be as reliable as the person who made it. Repairs to underground pipes can be tricky, and finding a technician with the right expertise might be difficult.

An above-ground spa, however, manufactured and designed by an established company, can be depended upon. You can expect:

  • A guaranteed warranty
  • Parts from a factory that are easy to replace
  • Straightforward above-ground repairs if anything does go wrong

Which type looks better?

It’s hard to say which kind looks better. As they say, there’s no accounting for taste!

Certainly, there’s more room for customisation with inground spas. An in-ground model is usually an original creation, specifically tailored to your needs and desires. There are an infinite number of potential variations in terms of:

  • Size
  • Depth
  • The number of jets
  • Construction materials
  • Lighting

And so on. If it works, and your dream is realised, you could have a beautiful water feature as well as a great spa. Alternately, if things go wrong, you could be left with an expensive, malfunctioning eyesore.

On the other hand, an above ground unit is usually a set model, engineered by a design team, and made in a factory. You’re guaranteed a great looking spa, and there are still many different options for customisation. These include:

  • Size
  • Model
  • Shell colour
  • Cabinet colour
  • Location
  • Accessories

Which spa is easier to use – inground spa or above ground spa?

An in-ground spa bath is usually dug out next to a pool. This is a convenient location if you want to go from swimming laps to relaxing in the outdoor spa bath, but not so convenient if you want to get up out of the spa and grab a cold drink from inside.

With an outdoor above ground spa, you can locate it just about anywhere on your property. If you like, you can have the hot tub installer place it right near your back door. That way, in the winter months, you won’t have to struggle through the cold outdoors to get to your toasty outdoor spa.

With an enormous range to choose from, the best spa for your needs is just a click away.

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