Basic spas come with a power cord with a plug on the end and can be plugged into a standard 10 amp power point. You will, however need to make sure than the “circuit” that this power point is connected to has enough power supply as the spa will draw almost 10 amps on its own and there may be many other appliances connected to this same circuit. It is usually best to have a dedicated circuit for your new spa. Either way this circuit must by law have a circuit breaker attached to it.

Most spas with 1 jet pump require 15 amps. These can come with a 15 amp power cord that can be plugged into to a special 15 amp power point (you may be able to upgrade the face of a standard 10 amp power point) or you need to have a dedicated circuit and power point fitted. Otherwise it can be hard wired with a 15 amp power supply and isolation (on/off) switch. Spas with 2 or 3 jet pumps will require a 25 or 32 amp direct wired power supply and isolation switch.

If you are planning for a heat pump then you may need a separate power supply. This is not the case if the spa has a “Spa Net” brand controller (heat pump
compatible). Gas heaters will need a separate 10 amp power supply.

It is the responsibility of the spa owner (or retailer) to use a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) to install all relevant power requirements for your spa to the relevant codes and standards. Upon completion of the work, your REC is required to supply you with an Electrical Safety Certificate.


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