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Do I want a single zone or dual zone swim spa?

The two main types of swim spas – “single zone” swim spas with one large swim area, and “dual zone” swim spas – with separate spa and swim areas to allow you to have a different temperature in your spa and pool.

If someone in your family wants to use your swim spa hot on a regular basis, remember that it will be expensive and will take a long time to heat a single zone spa. Then it takes overnight without the cover to cool it down again. If you want both hot and cold water in your spa then a dual zone swim spa is best.

What size do I want?

There are numerous length of swim spas on the market with three basic internal layouts. Sizes range from around 4 metres to 6 metres and sometimes longer.

The size of your swim spa should be based on:

  • The size of the area you have available.
  • If it is a dual zone or a single zone
  • The internal layout
  • If you are going to heat your spa – as the larger the spa the more water you have to heat.
  • Your budget – larger spas are more expensive.
  • How tall and how good a swimmer you are also affects the length of the swim area.
  • The length of your swim spa area should be the height of the tallest swimmer in your household with their arms outstretched plus around a metre so you don’t touch the jets or kick the seats while swimming.

What internal layout do I want?

There are three basic internal layouts. a) Swim area plus steps b) swim area plus basic bench style spa seating and c) a combination of spa seats and recliners
(usually in a u shape at the end opposite the swim jets). Having a bench seating area or steps is great for those wanting a simpler swimming pool look and / or
maximum swim area but as the spa jets are used to divert water away from the swim jets and control pressure it is best to have some spa jets in your swim spa.
Having specialised massage jets and / or a recliner lounges is best if someone wants to fully relax or for someone that needs to treat muscle aches and pains. We spoke to Dr. Peter Roennfeldt, owner of Her Posture correctors who said “in 2019, posture correction is an epidemic”, and went on to say “we have several customers genuinely thrilled by the health benefits of a spa with massage jets”. Recliners often feature jets along your legs and on your feet
as well as on your back to provide a “full body” massage. If you are unsure about what is best for you, sit in some spas – or even better, ask for a “test soak”.

What “level” of swim spa do I want?

Next you have to decide what you want from your swim spa:

  • An affordable entry level “plunge pool” – mainly for cooling off in summer. You can still use a “swim pole” (a flexible rod and harness system) to swim on the spot.
  • A proper swim spa where you swim against a current that is created by multiple pumps and special swim jets. With multiple pumps you also get more and stronger massage jets as you can divert the water from the swim jets to the massage seats when you are not swimming.
  • Professional swim spa that uses bigger pumps, more power and specialised swim jets to create a smoother type of water flow and the ultimate swim experience. This is best for stronger and better swimmers.

You need to make this decision before you start shopping as it will determine what you will need to spend, the power requirements of the spa you need and the quality of your swim spa experience.

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