Atlantis Hydro Pool – 4.6

DimensionsNumber of Seats
4600 x 2350 x 1540mmSingle Zone Small Plunge Pool
Water CapacityJets Pumps
106002 Jet Pumps
Weight filledCirculation Pumps
118991 Circulation Pump & Ozone
Weight EmptyAir Pumps

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  5 Layer Insulation
  Solid ABS Base
  100sqft Filtration
 32 Amps Required

Why Buy a Plunge Pool?

Are you considering installing a pool in your front or backyard?

Like many home owners these days, are you working with limited outdoor space which isn’t enough to accommodate a traditional swimming pool? If so, plunge pools are the answer!

Unlike traditional swimming pools, modern Australian plunge pools don’t need much space, are more cost-effective, and can be installed easily and quickly over the course of a few days keeping the disruption to your property to a minimum.

Because of their size, front and backyard plunge pools are cheaper and faster to heat and the included pool cover helps keep the warmth in and lowers running costs.

Are There Extra Perks to Install on the Plunge Pool?

Yes indeed. Front and backyard plunge pools from Oasis Spas can also be fitted with extra bells and whistles such as Bluetooth Stereo to enjoy your beats as you splash about, steps for easier pool access, a heat pump to act as an alternative heating source to the heater that comes already installed within our entire range, and Ultra-Zone technology which provides easy pool care keeping your water crystal clear and clean.

The Bluetooth Stereo is controlled via an app which also provides information on the pool and access to back-up service and support contacts.

If opting for Ultra Zone, it combines ozone generation with UV-C sterilisation. The UV reacts with the ozone to create a powerful oxidiser inactivating bacteria, burning off unwanted organic matter, resulting in crystal clear, clean water.

What’s so Special about Hydro Plunge Pools?

Hydro plunge pools provide hydrotherapeutic benefits and are also perfect if you’re keen for a mix of everything – exercise, leisure, relaxation and massage.

What’s the Difference Between a Hydro Plunge Pool and a Regular Plunge Pool?

A hydrotherapy plunge pool is essentially a small swimming pool fitted with hydrotherapy jets so that it can also be a used as a hydrotherapy spa. The jets can facilitate in-water massage, as well as create an adjustable “current” for different levels of swimming abilities.

The low impact, high resistance qualities of exercising in a plunge pool make such pools ideal for all fitness levels, plus they also aid in recovering from sports injuries and joint pain. Not only that, but people with balance issues and pregnant women can also benefit from these low impact, high resistance qualities.

You can get a great cardio workout and benefit from strength training simply by using an Australian plunge pool on the regular. Water exercises activate the major muscle groups in your body while also building up cardiovascular endurance. The water provides plenty of physical resistance, making you push your muscles that much harder.

Find a plunge pool dealer near you to buy an Australian plunge pool from Oasis Spas for your front or backyard.


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All our spa components are designed for easy maintenance with our Easy Care Technology, so regular maintenance is easier and cheaper.

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  • Steps
  • Cover lifter
  • Ultra Zone UV Sterilisation
  • Heat and Cool Pump

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