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Why buy a hot tub or plunge pool from Oasis Spas Australia?

Superior technology for more savings and benefits

(Platinum Series only)

Spa Net touchpads are the most sophisticated spa bath controllers on the market. The one-touch after-spa clean up cycle makes care easy, our self cleaning Teflon coated heaters last longer plus intuitive logic and power saver modes significantly reduce running costs.

Our 50-100% larger heaters mean quicker heating and more power savings. If you’ve got a smart meter you can save another 30% using off-peak power. And you can even control your spa from anywhere with our optional Wi-Fi module and Spa Net ‘SV Link’ App.

Ready to slash your running costs

(Platinum Series only)

Spa Net controllers are the only spa controller that is fully heat pump compatible.

Our Platinum Series spa baths have this technology, as well as the pump, plumbing & connections in place, so you can connect a heat pump (an air conditioner for water) at any time and save up to 75% on heating costs. Your heat pump will be controlled though your normal touchpad, it gives you a combined heating of at least 11.5 Kw when you need it and also allows you to cool the water in summer when the water the water is still warm even without the heater.

Less maintenance and chemicals

(Platinum Series only)

When you buy spas from Oasis Spas you lower your maintenance costs. Our Easy Care CD Ozone system kills germs and breaks down body oils and our special boost chamber maximises ozone efficiency and protects you and your spa. This means crystal clear water with less maintenance and less chemicals. Our optional Ultrazone water treatment system takes this to another level. If you want the absolute minim in spa maintenance, ask your spa retailer.

Better filtration for cleaner, clearer water

(Platinum Series only)

Filtration is a major part of water maintenance so we use a “Max Flow” valve and a huge 100 sq ft dual cartridge filter system to ensure more water is filtered every day. Then we add dual pump technology – where a 3HP massage pump draws massive amounts of water through the second filter during use to ensure superior filtration and water clarity.

Faster heating and your spa won’t go cold

(Platinum Series only)

Our Platinum Series spas have high-tech “variable output” heaters with much larger 3 or 6 Kw outputs. The extra output ensures much quicker heat up times and the variable output element means less heat loss during use as the heaters do not turn off when the spa pumps are running like other brands do.

The Oasis Spas Difference

Built to last

Energy efficient

Easy to Maintain

Cheap to run

The strength of a major international spa manufacturer

With offices in Europe, Asia and Australia and with spa suppliers in 35 plus countries around the world, Oasis Spas is a respected global spa manufacturer brand.

As a major manufacturer of above ground and inground, outdoor hot tubs and a world leader in swim spa technology you can be sure you are buying a premium quality spa, swimming hot tub, or plunge pool from a large, solid and reputable spa shop

Oasis Spas don’t manufacture cheap spas baths at the expense of quality – our luxury spa baths feature the latest and best spa technology, engineering and quality at an affordable price.

Premium, Luxury Spa Baths with Superior Technology

Made with the best components and the thickest, hardiest shells on the market, Oasis Spas products, available from reputable spa retailers, are built to last.

Our Power Saver Technology will save you thousands over the life of your Oasis product and our Easy Care Technology makes maintenance simple. Our outdoor hot tubs are quieter, roomier and more comfortable. And with targeted aromatherapy and hydrotherapy hot tub features, plus mood lighting, they offer the ultimate luxury spa experience.

Oasis Spas dealers have the experience to make your purchase easy

Oasis Spas suppliers are amongst the longest running, most knowledgeable and most successful independent hot tub retailers in Australia today. With Oasis Spas suppliers in every state, you’ll find one of their spa shops near me and you.

They’ll make things easy by helping you understand what you need, provide information and advice about features and what to consider, do an on-site inspection to identify potential locations and check access and even offer a “test soak” to make sure you have the right spa bath (or plunge pool) – then deliver it and show you how it works.

Our lifetime support commitment to you

Every Oasis Spas store product comes with three levels of support for your total peace of mind.

The major international spa bath manufacturer supports our Australian head office that provides both you and your Oasis affiliated hot tub shop with professional help, support and advice. And, your local Oasis Spas store retailer ensures you get advice, support, service, parts and knowledge throughout the life of your inground or above ground, outdoor hot tub.

Special features are included on every extra hot tub and platinum spa

Every Oasis Spas large hot tub and Platinum spa comes with a Special Features Pack that includes features worth at least $1,600 at no extra cost.

If you’re looking for a luxury spa bath at an affordable price with special features included, Oasis Spas offer unbeatable value for money for the discerning buyer.

More room for total comfort and control

Oasis Spas are designed to make better use of the internal space which means there is more room to spread out and plenty of space for everyone’s feet and limbs.

Plus our hot tub seats are well designed and our ergonomic recliners stop you floating – that’s why our Australian hot tubs are so comfortable.

The ultimate, luxury spa experience

More insulation makes Oasis Spas above ground and inground hot tubs quieter for maximum relaxation. Our premium jets target muscle groups to provide the ultimate hydrotherapy spa massage. Add aromatherapy, waterfalls and mood lighting and you have the ultimate luxury hot tub experience.

Premium quality and more strength

Our spa bath shells are the thickest on the market and feature reinforced foot wells.

When locked together with our super strong triple reinforced frames that support every seat we create a rock solid spa with maximum overall strength. And being up to 50% heavier than other brands you know they are built to last.

Superior components for performance and longer life

All Oasis Spas products feature advanced controllers to make things easy. We use premium American acrylic surfaces for great looks and use only quality pumps, fittings and components throughout.

Our heavy duty lockable thermal covers are super strong and our UV cabinets are designed for harsh Australian conditions.

Save up to $3000 on running costs

By combining multi-layer insulation systems (that work like layers of clothes) with “no gap” cabinets that stop heat loss plus superior controller technology you can save up to $3000 over the life of your hot tub. We have the tests to prove it!

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