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Definitely not. Different swim spa bath warranties cover different components for different lengths of time. Some swim hot tub manufacturers pay claims on a pro-rata basis and some have so many limitations they are basically worthless.

Also, legally and in many cases practically it is your swimming spa retailer who covers your warranty so you need to ask the retailer how long they have been trading under the same name.

Not many swim hot tub retailers have been around as long as the spa warranty they are offering, so the length of time a retailer has been in business is extremely important.

When comparing warranties, remember…

  1. The ‘structural’ warranty only covers situations when the swim spa bath shell actually cracks which almost never happens. This is why some companies offer 20 or 30 year ‘warranties’ as they know that this structural warranty basically means nothing.
  2. Jets are a common component to fail as most jets have bearings that clog and fall apart and locking clips that break and cannot be fixed. Make sure to look for bearingless screw-in jets and/or a long warranty.
  3. Check how long the labour component of the warranty is as in many cases this is the most expensive part of fixing a problem with your swimming hot tub.

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