Where should I place my spa?

Spas can be placed inside or outside. If you are placing your spa outside, we suggest positioning it

  • Close to where you do most of your socialising as you will definitely use it more
  • Not too far from your house so you don’t get too cold when you get out
  • Close to your toilet and fridge (for a cold drink)
  • Away from sight lines of neighbours
  • Away from cold winds if possible or use a blind or wall to block the wind
  • Under cover is usually better for shade in summer and under
    cover so you can use it when it’s raining in winter.

What can the spa sit on?

The answer to this question is “anything SOLID and FLAT”. The foundation must be strong and must not move as if it does then your warranty will be void and the spa could crack due to movement and stress to the shell. In general, for spas the base must be able to support 500kg per square metre and for swim spas 1000kg per square metre.

Surfaces that suit are:

  • Concrete Slab – for spas you require a level base of 100mm (4”) minimum thickness with F72 mesh (subject to soil conditions). For swim spas it needs to be 150mm (6”) minimum thickness also with reinforcing mesh but as the weight of a swim spa is much higher you may need to consult a specialist about your soil type.
  • Pavers are OK as long as they are flat and are bedded well (concrete base or cement mixed with crusher dust).
  • Compacted Granite or Crusher Dust can be used as long as it is prepared in a way that will not move.
  • A Timber Deck is also suitable as long as you check with a builder and / or engineer that it is structurally sound and can handle the weight (per square metre) mentioned above. You need to support both the external edges AND under the foot well (centre) of the spa.

Can I put a portable spa into a pit or a deck?

Yes you can as long as the spa is supported underneath (and not by the lip) and that you can get access to the equipment inside the spa cabinet. In general all sides of your spa will have some form of fitting that could potentially leak so access all around or the ability to move the spa to get access is necessary. You will need to build trap doors into the deck or have access from underneath the deck so you can remove the cabinet panels. Make sure that the panel screws are not covered by any deck framing. The minimum space required around a spa for access is 600mm – preferably 900mm. Talk to your spa supplier if service access is restricted.


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