Why buy a swim spa from a reputable dealer? Spa Store Tips
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The retailer will have a big effect on your overall satisfaction

One of the most important things to consider is after sales support. Do your research as the last thing you want is to spend thousands of dollars on your dream spa to find that the after sales service is poor or non-existent. When shopping, ask..

  • Does the company have their own service team? If so, what is the process and how long do you have to wait?
  • What are others saying about the company and the brand. You can check customer reviews via Google, Facebook and other review sites and learn a lot regarding the retailer including how they deal with issues if they arise.
  • Do you know someone that has previously purchased a spa from the same company? If so it might be a good idea to ask how there interaction with the company has been and how promptly they have been able to fix any issues.

What level of help can I expect: before, during and after the delivery

People often shop for swim spas without understanding exactly what is involved and what help they will need to get their spa legally in place and ready to use. You will need to consider if you need help organising

  • Tradespeople: You may need an electrician, someone to lay a concrete slab or a landscaper or builder or a fencing company to complete your project. These people will require information including power requirements and drawing that show frame layouts and equipment access points
  • Council Requirements: Make sure your supplier can provide advice regarding council requirements as well as documents that the council (or your certifier) may need.
  • Certification Service: This is the best way to get your spa approved so you should ask the retailer if they work with someone that knows the council and the brand of spa to make the whole process go smoothly.
  • Delivery: Online and budget spa retailers often consider delivering your swim spa to the footpath in front of your home “arranging delivery” but swim spas are extremely difficult to move and require specialists to get into site. Others use contractors, but you need to clarify how many people they will supply and if they have the correct Insurance?

Remember that swim spas are mechanical products and like a car you’ll need replacement parts from time to time. And you need advice to look after the water quality. Most importantly, cheap swim spas are prone to shell failure which will require a potential warranty claim if it needs to be replaced. Budget and direct sales companies talk about saving money by cutting out the middleman but this often means there is no one to back you up and no money to cover repairs and warranty claims – and this is why these companies fail over and over again.

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