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Cooler months are ideal for swim spas — here’s what you need to know

Slipping into a swim spa bath in the winter is the perfect way to cosy up, unwind, thaw your muscles and even tick off some exercise. If you are planning to use it in the cooler months there are numerous benefits, but also tips and tricks to keep the swim hot tub protected and ready for use.

Oasis Spas are experts in swimming spas and showcase a competitive variety of sizes, layouts and systems to suit your home and needs.

For personalised assistance, visit your nearest spa store that is an Oasis Spas retailer so you can try the outdoor spas and explore the variety of unparalleled features up close.

Soothe sore muscles with a swim spa bath

When the temperature drops and your muscles are sore, a steamy soak is the perfect antidote. The calming combination of water warmth and optimal spa jet pressure is perfect to soothe muscles, relax and reset.

For those who experience pain, swelling, cramps, stiffness, inflammation or injury, swim hot tubs may offer therapeutic benefits. A soak in a heated spa bath may relieve muscle tension, provide comfort and encourage your body to slow down and heal.

Escape the cold weather

using spa in winterThere are many reasons to use your swim spa frequently in winter, but ensuring you keep warm, de-stress and unwind after a chilly day are at the top of the list. Using it before bed may also improve your sleeping patterns due to relaxation of the body and mind.

Depending on where you live, and how cold it gets, the winter months can feel long, but it’s wonderful to not feel trapped indoors. Utilising your swimming hot tub outdoors where the air is crisp but the water is steamy provides a refreshing yet cosy way to kick back and enjoy an evening.

Whether you like to enjoy a soak solo or with friends — one of the popular choices for single zone swim hot tubs is the ‘Oasis Platinum Swim Spa‘ which is a 5.5 metre elite unit, with 4 turbo swim jets and 8 layer insulation. Like all of our swim spa baths, it sports power saving technology which gets the environmental tick and also saves on your electricity bill.

Use your swimming outdoor spa for light exercise

In the cooler months, staying on top of your swim exercises routine can be a challenge. Yet dedicating time to activity, health and wellbeing has enormous benefits. If your schedule is busy and you still want to stay fit — a swim spa bath can be useful for more than just R&R.

The types of physical activities you can enjoy in it include:

  • Swimming
  • Squats or lunges
  • Jumping jacks
  • Reverse crunches
  • Jogging
  • Flutter kicks
  • Tricep dips

Water buoyancy reduces the weight that joints, bones and muscles have to bear, which can make light swim spa exercise an excellent alternative to land fitness routines.

How to use a swim hot tub in winter

how to use spa in winter timeWhen planning to use it in the winter, it’s important to read through the outdoor spa bath’s manual and follow any directions regarding maintenance. It’s easy to follow but keeping these few key tips in mind will keep your experience optimal and safe:

  • Keep it covered (improves energy efficiency)
  • Keep the heat on (unless you don’t plan to use in winter)
  • Keep your towel & bathers warm
  • Change water early (rather than mid winter)
  • Accessorise your winter spa with a rug, towel warmer or outdoor heating lamp
  • Limit soaking time by keeping to the guidelines

Take a premium plunge

To take your winter outdoor spa bath experience up a notch (or several), one of the latest and most impressive options is to buy the ‘5.9 metre duo extra depth elite platinum‘ luxury hot tub for swimming. This luxury spa bath is dual zone and it’s extra depth makes it taller than most and highly versatile.

The design of the elite platinum has the perks of additional comfort, flexibility of use and unique features which include:

  • Top of the range massage pumps
  • Superior swim jets
  • Platinum 8 layer insulation
  • Waterfalls with back lit cascade
  • Large LED and perimeter lighting
  • Lightweight lockable cover

An additional range of optional extras are also available which include: steps, ultra zone, thermostat heat pump, spa Net SV Heat Pump, WiFi, Stereo and a Colour Touch screen – for a truly boutique and personalised spa experience.

To find out more about the trusted range of high quality swim spas, find your nearest Oasis Spas retailer or take a look at our swim outdoor hot tubs range.

The friendly spa store staff will help you find the perfect model for you, ensuring it is energy efficient, built to last and enjoyable all year round.

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