Spas can be delivered in a number of different ways

  • Crane Truck: With varying reach, this method can be used to deliver spas over a fence or straight into position and is safe, easy and relatively cheap.
  • Large Crane: While more expensive, this option would be required if the spa needs to be delivered long distances such as over your house. Craning your spa into position is easiest but you may need to get a site inspection done if the ground is uneven, the spa needs to be craned more than 20 metres, there are power cables above your home or the crane needs to be set up on a public road or space.
  • All Terrain Forklift: Useful for deliveries over muddy or difficult terrain when a crane can’t be used.
  • Trolleys: Spas can be trolleyed into position flat or on their side. If delivered on their side, you’ll need to make sure that the ground quite flat as otherwise it can be dangerous. To work out accessibility, if the spa is delivered vertically, the thinnest part of the delivery route must be no less than the normal “height” of the spa (when flat) plus 5cm and the lowest part of the delivery route must be the normal “width” of the spa (when flat) plus 5cm. If the spa is being
  • delivered flat then the thinnest point of the delivery route must be at least the width of the spa plus 5cm.
  • By Helicopter: If all else fails, but this is also subject to power lines and trees.
  • By Hand: This is generally not an option as spas are very heavy and awkward to hold onto.

So you can discuss possible options with your spa retailer, please advise them:

If you have steps? If so, how many? And are all the steps together or are there multiple sets?
Is using a crane, is the ground uneven and are there powerlines above? If so, you will need a site inspection.
Are there branches in the way of the delivery path? If so you may need to trim them back.
Is there a gate the spa has to get past?
If so, what is the height and the width? If it is restrictive, are you able to remove a panel? If so, it would be a good idea to do this before the delivery of your spa to ensure a speedy delivery.
Do I have a clear delivery path? Are there any obstructions from where the truck will be to where the spa has to go? If so, what are they and remove them or advise what they are before the delivery day.

Remember that if access is limited you may be able to deliver your spa via a park next door or through a neighbour’s property – but you should get written consent first. If you are not sure on the best method for your delivery, contact our local spa retailers who will arrange the delivery and/or crane company to do a pre delivery inspection (and quote).


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