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Looking for the best spa for you? Here’s what to consider before you buy a swim spa

Want to upgrade your backyard? When people start thinking about an aquatic addition, two options often come to mind:

  • Hydrotherapy Spas: A great place to sit or recline with friends and relax
  • Swimming Pools: Perfect for having a splash about, whether for recreation and exercise

But there is a third way. Swimming hot tubs offer the best of both worlds. They’re designed for relaxation, but they can be the perfect length, depth and width for swimming and playing, too.

So, is a swim spa bath the best spa for you and your family? To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider.

Our spa retailers have a huge range of Oasis swim spas to choose from.

How do swim spa baths work?

Swim spa at home

It works as a normal hydrotherapy spa, but also features technology that allows you to swim against a current.

A swim spa typically has two zones:

  1. A deeper section, for swimming in place
  2. A shallower, seated section, for relaxing in the outdoor spa

In our larger outdoor hot tub models, these two sections are separated with a dividing wall. Our budget through to luxury swim spas come in a variety of lengths, from four metres to almost six, with the option of extra depth.

Can spas for swimming improve your physical and mental health?

Swimming is a tremendous form of exercise, and has many proven benefits for physical and mental health. You don’t have to go full pelt with perfect technique to reap the benefits; half an hour of swimming at a moderate pace will confer great results.

In our swimming hot tubs, powerful pumps create continuous and strong water flow. After years of development and testing, focusing on different pumps and jets, we’ve finally figured out the perfect swim spa bath experience.

Then, there are the benefits from the other side of things. A spa isn’t just an idyllic way to spend your time; rest and relaxation is vital for de-stressing, and is linked to a whole host of positive health outcomes.

Don’t get just any swim spa: make sure you get a guarantee of quality

swim spa quality

At Oasis Spas, we’ve made sure that the features on our standard models far surpass that of our competitor’s deluxe models. Here are just a few of the fantastic features that come with every outdoor swim spa we offer:

  • High density, lockable cover: Our cover stops heat loss, and unwanted intruders, too.
  • No gap cabinet: As opposed to other outdoor spas, where there is often a gap between the cabinet and the shell, our cabinets are custom made to minimise gaps. That keeps the heat in—saving you money on power bills—and also keeps pests and insects out.
  • Dreamtime lighting: All our swim spa baths have a large LED light, plus perimeter lighting that can be programmed with over fourteen different colour sequences. Perfect for relaxation, and looking snazzy.
  • Tough built design: Our swimming spas have triple reinforced corners, crossbracing, supports under every seat, and a galvanised steel frame for extra strength.

And that’s just for starters. There’s also a 200SQFT Filtration device, an Easy-Care CD Ozone system, a WTC circulation pump, high density insulation, multifunction control systems, and much more. That’s not even to begin to mention the premium add ons!

Look for a good warranty on your new spa

As opposed to a normal hydrotherapy spa, where people conventionally just sit still and relax, there is the opportunity to move around in a more vigorous fashion while in a swim spa bath. You can move with full confidence and peace of mind when you know there’s an ironclad warranty protecting your hot tub.

Our swim spas have a ten year structural warranty as standard, with the option of a fifteen year structural warranty as a platinum feature.

Oasis Spas produce the best value for money Australian swimming hot tubs spas. Check out our massive range of best spas for swimming.

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