The price you pay will be determined mainly by the number of pumps and jets as listed above but is also determined by what level of features and quality you expect and how much customer support you require. If you are prepared to take a risk on buying through an internet based supplier you may save money in the short term but there are many risks including…

  • Not being able to see the spa to check the quality before you buy a spa
  • Not being able to test if it suits your size and height
  • Not knowing the level of equipment and insulation – meaning high running costs
  • Having a limited warranty which often does not even include labour costs. The majority of internet based
    spa suppliers go broke after a short period of time or have a bad history when it comes to supporting their
    customers and providing spare parts, leaving you to find the parts and someone that can fix your spa.

If you’re considering an online supplier, google them to see what type of experiences other customers have had.

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