4 Considerations Before you Buy a Spa Bath from a Spa Store
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Before you buy a spa be wary of hot tub pump sizes, energy “star ratings” and running cost claims

Be aware that a 4.8 BHP (brake horse power) pump is exactly the same as a 3 HP pump. No government body has ever given efficiency ratings to individual spa bath brands so where star ratings are shown they’re simply being “made up”.

Some spa manufacturers promote running costs that don’t include heating. Other hot tub manufacturers base their claims on incorrect power rates and unrealistic assumptions. And a few spa brands promote “low amp” filter pumps but as they run 24 hours a day they actually cost you more.

If claims are made, ask the spa store staff how they are calculated. The only things that effects running hot tub prices are:

  • If you are able to use a heat pump (which offers savings of up to 75%)
  • The amount of insulation (how many layers, how thick etc)
  • If the outdoor hot tub has a Spa Net “smart controller”
  • The size of the gap between the cabinet panels and spa bath shell
  • The size of the heater (the quicker the outdoor spa heats the sooner the pump turns off)

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Are “salt water” swim spas better?

Salt can only be used to sanitise water when it is transformed (by a salt chlorinator) into chlorine. If you are using your swim spa bath cold then this is suitable but if you are wanting to heat it then this form of chlorine does not suit hot water (and you’ll have to add extra chlorine or bromine).

Also, the form of chlorine generated by a salt chlorinator can be very corrosive to your swim spa heater element.

Do UV “sterilisers” work?

This form of hot tub water treatment is only successful when the water has enough contact time with the UV bulb. The standard UV system with a chrome/ stainless metal tube is only designed for water flow from a tap and will NOT kill germs – especially in a large body of water.

You also need to know that you will have to replace the UV bulb yearly at significant cost. Unless you fit a large, more expensive system like “Ultrazone” unit (that combines U.V. and Ozone to create hydroxyl radicals – the most powerful oxidiser available), then don’t expect any benefits, only outdoor spa bath maintenance costs.

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