Once you’ve identified your needs then it’s time to start shopping. Your long term satisfaction will usually depend on how much you spend. Pay a little more and you’ll get a better spa experience, better components and lower running costs. Your spa will last longer and your total investment will be less in the long term.

Before ordering a spa:

  • Use the shopping list in this guide and keep focused on spas that suit your needs.
  • Look for quality, value and long term ownership costs rather than the initial price.
  • Make sure the spa is comfortable to sit in and is the right size and shape.
  • Buy from a salesperson that asks questions, understands your need, discusses options, can explain features and can prove how their product is better than their competition.
  • The retailer and brand should have a good reputation and been around long enough to support you for years to come.

Check if the spa is comfortable?

Many spas on the market are poorly designed, with uncomfortable seats, recliners that make you float and small foot wells that aren’t big enough for everyone’s feet. In general spas that perfectly suit one customer will be terrible for another due to differences is size and height. So it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for as many of the users as possible to sit in the spa before you buy it – and ask to try it out wet if you are unsure. Check the following:

  • That the spa suits your size, height and shape – you don’t want it too deep or shallow
  • That the spa is big enough to give everyone the space they will expect
  • That all or most of the seats are comfortable
  • That the recliners hold you in place – if they are flat then you will float away when water is in the spa
  • Can you fit under the neck jets (if the spa has them)
  • Do the jets stick in your back or are they positioned on your spine (which is not good)
  • If there is enough room in the foot well when all the seats are being used

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