Once you have identified your needs then it’s time to start shopping to buy a swim spa. Your long term satisfaction will usually depend on how much you spend. Pay a little more and you’ll get a better swimming experience, better components and lower running costs. Your spa will last longer and your total investment will be less in the long term. Before ordering:

  • Use the shopping list in this guide and keep focused on swim spa that suit your needs.
  • Make sure the swim spa works well for your level of ability and is the right size and shape.
  • Look for quality, value and long term ownership costs rather than the initial price.
  • Buy from a salesperson that asks questions, understands your need, discusses heating and options, can explain features (especially heat pumps) and can prove how their product is better than their competition.
  • The retailer and brand should have a good reputation and been around long enough to support you for years to come.

What is the swimming experience like?

If you are planning to use your swim spa for swimming you need to understand that you can’t actually swim in a large proportion of swim spas on the market! This is due to the types of pumps, swim jets and plumbing used by many brands and the fact that they do not understand the technology involved. This is especially so for internet based spas that are sold on price and know that by the time you try it out it is too late to change your mind. To be able to swim in a swim spa using the jets alone you need enough water flow and this requires:

  • At least 3 pumps
  • Each jet must be powered by its own pump
  • Have quality swim jets that do not move easily (you can direct the flow where you need it)
  • Use swim jets that have a large 50mm opening
  • Positioned to hit your shoulders and torso (jets that are too far apart or too low will not create the required resistance against the body and are a waste of water flow).
  • Work without having to aerate the jets as this makes swimming less enjoyable

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